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The Ojibwa Artist Naturalist Orchids

Long-Bracted Green Orchid, Coeloglossum viride
Copyright 1999 by Michael Sherman

Fred Case refers to the Long-Bracted Green Orchid, or Frog Orchid

" grows near the lake shore woods which are under the influence of constant blowing sand..... Apparently the continued renewal of rawish soil holds down competition or generally favors orchid seed germination, for in these woods more species of orchids grow in greater abundance than any I have seen in any other plant community of our region."  Pg. 130, Orchids of the Western Great Lakes Region, Frederick W. Case, Jr. Revised Edition, Cranbrook Institute of Science, 1987


These orchids are difficult to draw because of the abundance of poison ivy. I did not find any Frog Orchids where the poison ivy did not grow.

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