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These links promote the ethical study and enjoyment orchids in their natural habitat. There are plenty of other sites that deal with propogating orchids. Please e-mail me at if you know of any other sites about native orchids.

I had listed the Canadian Orchid Congress site previously, but like many of my links it got lost with my original orchid site.

I'm pleased to see that we in Michigan have at least two orchids that are also part of the Flora of Iceland.

The The Florida Wildflower Showcase has stunning photos and interesting comments about the flora and insect fauna of this state.

The Orchid Society of Royal Botanical Gardens has compiled a database on Canadian Native Orchids.

North American Native Orchid Alliance is dedicated to the conservation and promotion of our native orchids

Orchids of Provence has a well organized and updated links site. Orchids of Italy is another excellent European native orchids site.

Observations of Some Wild Orchids of Denmark is by the creator of the Native Orchids discussion list.

Florida Orchids by Cliff and Sandee Pelchat has beautiful photos of orchids and other natural Florida marvels.

Millicent Orchids is, in my opinion, the most thorough and beautiful site about Canadian orchids. Also, there is accurate information about the conservation of orchids.

Orchid Art of Laurence Johnson: Laurence is also a gifted naturalist and writer.

Muskoka Flora is an excellent source of information about the terrestrial orchids of Ontario. 

Many of my pages link to Orchids of Wisconsin

Orchids of the United States covers orchids state by state and by Genera

Two good photography sites are Wildflower Photography and The Virtual Herbarium.

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